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Our coaches are committed to ensuring everyone gets a great workout tailored to their needs that leaves them excited to come back for more. Get to know the people that make The Hot Box so unique.





Micah has always been an athlete, and he spent most of his childhood playing any sport that he could. He was a skilled baseball player and was offered a scholarship to play at the University of Alabama, but his collegiate career was derailed by an injury. Thankfully, that injury led Micah to his mixed martial arts career. He began as an amateur and trained under Conquest BJJ. There he created FightFit Training Systems and FightFit To Go. After a decade of fighting professionally and running his own program, he was given the opportunity to cultivate his own gym at The Hot Box. Everyone who trains with Micah receives personalized customer service, highly customized workouts, and an awesome experience. At The Hot Box Boxing and Fitness, our clients are our family.

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Fitness and athletics have been an important part of Robert's life since childhood. He earned a black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 10. He excelled in both football and track and earned a D1 football scholarship. 

He transitioned to MMA at the age of 22 and found a passion for the sport. He has a standing Pro Career stat of 12-3. He held multiple regional championship titles simultaneously and went on to win and 2x defend the World Championship title for Legacy Fighting Alliance. He also Competed in the 2018 Professional Fighters League tournament. 

Robert is passionate about helping others  achieve their fitness goals through group fitness programs and individual training. 

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Meet Coach Nichole Werre! After training with owner Micah Terrill for over 7 years Nichole knows just how amazing the Fight Fit program is right down to every muscle she's gained She prides herself on delivering a fun, high energy, creative and full body workout that's never, ever the same. Her Fight Fit class promises to have you feeling the bet fit version of you and keeps you coming back for more. Here is what are members have to say.

"Nichole- is by far the best fitness coach! I started fight fit at ground zero, and she has been so encouraging and inspiring, with her peppy, sweet, and sassy attitude. She is an absolute pleasure to be around, and she really makes it obvious that she cares about you and your fitness journey."

"Nichole's workouts always rock the house! She always makes it different and challenging. Thats what I love."






Miles McCollum is a lifelong athlete and grew up playing baseball, basketball, and golf. He has been training MMA since 2020 and is already making waves in the DMV fight scene. Miles teaches our Kid's Boxing classes as well as FIght FIt and Boxing. 

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Jaime Terrill is a National Trainer and Presenter for Les Mills and Reebok sponsored athlete. She has taken her love of Group Fitness and created the seasonal Hot Box HIIT class to bring our members a highly efficient and effective workout that will leave you wanting more! She also fills in for other Coaches when needed. Her favorite saying is “why be good when you can be great”. She does her best to bring out the greatness in every member at The Hot Box!

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Jeff Glossner teaches our Kid's Boxing classes and is a well rounded marital artist with 20 years experience training wrestling, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He wrestled at the Edinboro University and is a Professional MMA Fighter training under Henry Smith.

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