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At The Hot Box we want you to be the happiest, healthiest version of you. Come train like a professional fighter with unique, energy-packed full body workouts that combine weight training with cardio kickboxing in a fun, inclusive environment appropriate for all fitness levels.



Who we are

At The Hot Box we offer a unique way to train like a professional fighter.

Our main program is appropriately titled “FightFit” as we put our members through the energy packed, full body workouts our fighters use during their training camps. Improve your strength, agility, and boxing skills with our one-of a kind training system. The best part, though, is the personal attention we give each of our members. We like to think of them as family, never a number. Come be part of our family.

Why we are different

Unlike traditional kickboxing workouts, we combine weight training with kickboxing for a higher-intensity, more effective workout.


What our members say

"Have fun while working hard. Feel and see the results. The instructors care about the growth of their members- mentally and physically. There is a variety of equipment and the workouts are always different and never boring. Instructors will work with you to modify anything if you need it, and everyone from the instructors to the members are welcoming, encouraging, and motivating! Also, its just plain FUN!"

Jessy E

"I love this gym. The major reason I go to The Hot Box is because the workout is different every single day. It’s tough yet designed in a way where you are  the one that decides how hard to push yourself- weights, speed, or reps. The instructors incorporate all kinds of equipment and boxing drills that keep it fun and challenging, indoors and out! While the classes are different everyday, you see a lot of the same friendly faces everyday. The sense of community and positivity is such an amazing bonus here. I’ve never had people talk to me at a gym before, and here….here I’ve made some truly wonderful friends. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed."

Steph J

“Amazing workout! Motivating staff! Come get your butt in shape.”

Tanya S

Micah terrill


301 Najoles Road

Millersville, MD 21108

Phone: (3o1) 801-1300

Email: hotboxboxing@gmail.com

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